Mobile apps for everyone

but especially for children and adults with Asperger's syndrome and high-functioning autism.


Visual Timer 

Experience of time. 

We’ve come to recognize this as one of the most difficult, recurring, daily challenges that many Aspies experience, and this will probably not be our only time-related app. 
The tool for those who have difficulties understanding time but just hate being late! Visual Timer with colors that clarifies the amount of time and let you know when it's time to speed up and get ready.    


The tool for Sharing WITHOUT FIGHTING

"It's mine!"

"I had it first!"

"It's my turn!"

Playtime can be challenging for both children and parents. Taking turns is a social skill that children must be taught and given many opportunities to practice. This app helps your children to take turns in a playful way.  

Apps for everyday life


Tools for Aspie challenges

We’re dedicated to giving the Aspie community all the help and support we can with the experience and know-how we have, transformed into Apps for your phone or Ipad. 


A small developement team with personal experience.

Our personal experience and actual gain in using the apps in our everyday life, makes for something that we are proud of bringing forward to you. Having said that, we don’t request that much from you, and we will never introduce ads or in-app purchases within our Apps!

Your opinion matters!

Our apps will be thoroughly tested and usabillity will be the key. And we believe that your opinion and suggestions will help us get that much better! 
Please contribute with ideas, suggestions or questions and we’ll evolve these apps into something useful for all. 

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